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Whenever he made new friends, he would have to let go [of them], which was a somehow traumatic experience. Then, he [received a medical discharge] from the army because he had a severe mental breakdown. He was diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder. Later, while a student of Polanski, he did not complete his studies.

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He decided he would essentially force people into his art space by making the human body a piece of it; in this way, his art might actually be convincing to others. When he photographed all those women and children, did he have a premeditated killing agenda? It was all thought-out. He used his talent as a tool to recruit his victims.

If you look at his court record, he actually defended himself. He had such an incredible level of thinking that he could defend himself even though he never received training in law. So, he was definitely not deranged. He was a sociopath and probably had a schizotypal personality disorder, which is characterized by a weird [unconventional] behavior and is often associated with artists. In order to experience life in the best possible way, they [may have felt] they needed to engage in what might seem strange, dangerous or questionable [to others]. They all never achieved a maturation in how to express their emotions like every normal adult and thought art would be a creative way to do so.

Do you think Polanski influenced Alcala in any way? Jill Barcomb, 18, a New York runaway found "rolled up like a ball" in a Los Angeles ravine in , [35] and originally thought to have been a victim of the Hillside Strangler; Georgia Wixted, 27, bludgeoned in her Malibu apartment in ; Charlotte Lamb, 31, raped, strangled, and left in the laundry room of an El Segundo apartment complex in ; and Jill Parenteau, 21, killed in her Burbank apartment in During his incarceration between the second and third trials, Alcala wrote and self-published a book, You, the Jury , in which he claimed innocence in the Samsoe case and suggested a different suspect.

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He also filed two lawsuits against the California penal system, for a slip-and-fall incident and for refusing to provide him a low-fat diet. In , prosecutors entered a motion to join the Samsoe charges with those of the four newly discovered victims. Alcala's attorneys contested it; as one of them explained, "If you're a juror and you hear one murder case, you may be able to have reasonable doubt. But it's very hard to say you have reasonable doubt on all five, especially when four of the five aren't alleged by eyewitnesses but are proven by DNA matches.

For the third trial Alcala elected to act as his own attorney. Alcala" in a deeper-than-normal voice , and then answering them. Alcala made no significant attempt to dispute the four added charges, other than to assert that he could not remember killing any of the women. A surprise witness during the penalty phase of the trial was Tali Shapiro, Alcala's first known victim. In March , the Huntington Beach and New York City Police Departments released of Alcala's photographs and sought the public's help in identifying them, in the hope of determining if any of the women and children he photographed were additional victims.

As of September , of the original photos remain posted online, and police continue to solicit the public's help with further identifications. After his conviction, New York authorities announced that they would no longer pursue Alcala because of his status as a convict awaiting execution. In , Seattle police named Alcala as a "person of interest" in the unsolved murders of Antoinette Wittaker along with another victim, 13, in July , and Joyce Gaunt, 17, in February Alcala rented the Seattle-area storage locker in which investigators later found jewelry belonging to two of his California victims, in In March , investigators in Marin County, California , north of San Francisco , announced that they were "confident" that Alcala was responsible for the murder of year-old Pamela Jean Lambson, who disappeared after making a trip to Fisherman's Wharf to meet a man who had offered to photograph her.

Her battered, naked body was subsequently found in Marin County near a hiking trail.

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With no fingerprints or usable DNA, charges are unlikely to be filed, but police claimed that there is sufficient evidence to convince them that Alcala committed the crime. In September , Alcala was charged with the murder of year-old Christine Ruth Thornton, who disappeared in Her body was found in Sweetwater County, Wyoming in , but was not identified until when DNA supplied by Thornton's relatives matched tissue samples from her remains.

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How Rodney Alcala, 'The Dating Game Killer,' Used Photography to Lure Victims

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