Monica and chandler start dating

Chandler tried and failed to slip a host money to get him and Monica a table at a restaurant. He asked if Richard had ever successfully slipped someone money. However, he knew that Richard was good at the skill. It was part of her apology for accidentally causing Chandler to lose his toe years ago. He'd called her fat, so she'd tried to get back at him after she lost weight. She tried to flirt, using items around her, including a knife.

After he found out about this, she apologized and danced around with the turkey on her head. She even added a fez and giant sunglasses to the turkey. When she won him over, he said, " You are so great.

Who did Chandler sleep with in London?

While she was arguing that he did, Joey showed up and the scene ended. Neither mentioned it again. Later in the series, Chandler quit his job after he briefly transferred to the Tulsa office. This meant a career change for him, though it also meant that he and Monica made less money for the time being.

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He suggested that he get his old job back, and she told him she wanted him to have a job he loved, "not statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. The way Friends treated Chandler's relationship with Janice is a headscratcher. He loved her when they were together and even wanted her to leave her husband for him. However, once she was out of his life, he couldn't get far enough away say, to Yemen.

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Janice popped up several times after Monica and Chandler got together. More than once, Monica was okay with her thinking that Chandler had feelings for her to get rid of her. First, it was so that she wouldn't attend their wedding. Then, it was so that she wouldn't move into the house next to the one they were buying. Janice even kissed Chandler at one point. However, Monica basically waved it off. The show treated it like a joke.

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Why didn't they ever have a serious conversation about this? One day at work, Chandler fell asleep during a meeting after staying up all night worrying about it. Because of this, he unknowingly agreed to move to Tulsa and couldn't get out of it.

At first, Monica planned to go with him. However, when she received a job offer in the city, she decided to stay. Their conversation was too brief for the seriousness of the situation. She joked about how they'd be too busy to see each other for most of the week anyway. He accepted her decision easily. However, this wasn't the problem. It was right that he wanted her to take a job she wanted, but it wasn't until he was leaving for Tulsa, in the hallway outside their apartment, that they really spoke. She told him that he was more important than a job, but she that had to take it.

Chandler's humor was always important to him. For example, he couldn't even sleep when he and Ross argued over ownership of a joke printed in a magazine. She was even the one to determine that neither of them should want to be the joke-teller because it was rude. Then, while Chandler was living in Tulsa, Monica started a job at a new restaurant. However, Monica should've already known that making jokes was so important to Chandler.

Chandler hadn't asked her yet, though, and was instead worried that she was suspicious. He decided to make her think that marriage was the last thing on his mind. Richard then showed up at her work and asked her to marry him. Why didn't they ever talk about Richard's proposal or Monica taking time to think after it? Chandler's fear of commitment kicked in when Monica referred to them as "the Bings" on their answering machine. He ran off the night before their wedding, and Ross and Phoebe found him later in his office. Phoebe alerted Rachel that they'd found him before she told Monica that he was missing.

Then they thought that Chandler ran off again before the wedding. They believed that Monica was pregnant and Chandler was scared.

Again, they didn't tell Monica. However, no one told Joey not to tell the bride, so he clued her in during the ceremony.

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He, in turn, ran around, asked others for help and grabbed a mixtape that he found lying around. Also, Chandler believes his plan was ruined when they later got home still not engaged, but he thinks she already knows what he was planning. Was this a Chandler-Monica moment? Or could it have been with Janice?

While they were together, they end up getting a crazy idea to get married, but upon seeing Rachel and Ross just hitched, the two start to contemplate their readiness to really tie the knot. Chandler tries, he really does. He starts to get commitment issues when he senses that his relationship with her was moving steadily and quickly forward. While she thinks this was sweet, he overdoes it and suggests they move in.

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  6. This scares her off for a while, and we think it definitely scared him off too! So was it a Chandler and Monica or Janice moment? Who did he give the drawer to? After living together for about a year already, Chandler decides he is ready to take the next step and propose to his girlfriend.

    With the trusty help of Phoebe, he chooses an engagement ring that would wow her. Of course, things are never straightforward with Phoebe, as she ends up getting distracted by a lot of the jewelry in the store. Though Chandler does end up getting his ring, but his plan to propose does not go well because something unexpected happens.

    But later on she admits her rekindling with her ex when Chandler confronts her, and she admits actually kissing him twice. She admits she loved both men and could not choose; but after talking to Joey, Chandler makes her go with her ex. She concedes to the idea, even if she still likes Chandler, and mentions that he will always be her soul mate.

    But it turns out Chandler and Rachel are not the only acquaintances there! He comes across her in the nail salon was it Monica or Janice?