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Abed saw Britta's eyes track from Jeff at the pool table to Annie in the booth several times. He wasn't sure she was going to put the pieces together, at least not in the appropriate way, but if there was one thing Abed had learned about Britta in the last few months it's that you underestimate her at your own risk. Britta drained her bottle and said, "I need a refill. Annie nodded and slid out of the booth without saying anything. She did let out a yelp of surprise as Britta grabbed her elbow and practically dragged her through the crowd towards the bar.

The music and the overall chatter of people on a Friday night drowned out Annie's protests, but Abed got the gist. Rachel sipped her drink, a vodka cranberry, thoughtfully beside him and nodded towards the bar. Abed considered this for a moment. Jeff is the Dr. Cox of our group. From a neurosis standpoint, Annie is much closer, as she believes she can get through her issues without psychiatric help, rehab notwithstanding, which is, most likely, a manifestation of her control issues.

She also has the drug addiction that parallels Dr. Cox's alcoholism, which Jeff doesn't have. Put it all together and it will lead her to be antagonistic towards any therapist, to the point of reducing said therapist to tears. Because real life mimicked television more than anyone would willingly admit, Britta returned to the booth at that moment with tears in her eyes that she was doing her best to discreetly wipe away. Abed and Rachel both tracked their gazes to the bar, where Annie was still leaning with a definite 'don't mess with me' vibe rolling off her.

Britta sniffed loudly and said, "So, Annie wanted me to let you know she's calling it an early night. Britta looked torn between giving him a look of utter shock and her sour-puss face, settling on something that made her look like she had suffered a stroke. Rachel squeezed her eyes shut and let out a rough sigh. Unlike Jeff and myself, who actually wanted help even if we had to be led there somewhat forcefully, Annie won't acknowledge that the situation between her and Jeff has become unmanageable.

Britta hunched down in the booth and crossed her arms tightly across her chest. They all watched as Annie stormed out the front door of the bar, completely ignoring Jeff's calls after her and only sparing Chang, of all people, a brief response. Rachel and Abed both groaned. They speak when it's expected; holidays, birthdays. He floats her a check every two months. That's the extent of their relationship and they both seem okay with it. Her mother's controlling nature is what Annie still struggles to overcome and what led her down the road to addiction.

Britta eyed him for a long moment, lips pursed in thought. Rachel bobbed her head. Abed and Rachel didn't look at each other, but still connected with a high-five for the exchange with big grins on their faces.

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Abed and Rachel both groaned, while a wadded up cocktail napkin hit Britta in the face from an adjacent booth. Britta glared at the other two before asking, "What was the other thing? If we," she gestured to Abed, who nodded a confirmation that she spoke for both, "had to venture a guess, she doesn't know how to act now after laying herself bare down in that lab. Annie thinks Jeff is being standoffish because he knows now that she's in love with him.


Annie's never really had one. She sees Troy and me as little brothers, more so than her actual brother, who was creepy on a level that I noticed it. Pierce was her dad substitute. She's already lost Pierce and Troy, so she's panicking that this mess with Jeff will send him running, like it's done in the past, and that this time he won't come back so they can reset at the end of the episode.

Not just to her; to all of us. Though the way he's acting like a teenager with his first crush towards her is hilarious. You know he apologized to me for the whole engagement mess? I mean, we were both just trying to deal, so whatevs. I was in shock enough that falling into the trap that the penisocracy has set for women in the 'institution' of marriage actually sounded appealing. Did you know that marriage was originally She transcribed his entire speech. Troy cried for thirty minutes after we read it. Now, he's just realized the depth of his feelings.

Abed and Rachel exchanged another look and silent conversation. This time, Abed nodded and asked, "What do you think allowed Jeff to open up the door down in Borchert's lab? She shamefully put her hand down when neither of them gave her as much as a pity slap. Abed leaned back, steepling his fingers before him. Five years ago, would you have pictured Jeff hanging out willingly with both Duncan and Chang? There was actually a fond look on his face, if Abed was gauging the upturn of his mouth correctly. Britta watched the trio play for a while before letting out a sigh. She really was becoming more analytical and hadn't Britta'd anything for months, panicked engagements notwithstanding.

That's got to be the plot of a movie, right? Though, Britta is a main character and didn't just disappear after their relationship fizzled. That applies more to Professor Slater. Rachel's eyes lit up in recognition. He turned to Britta and asked, "Romantically, how do you feel about Jeff? Britta took a moment to consider. I guess that's why I'm not that upset with the whole, aborted engagement thing. The only real passion we have is to drive one another crazy. He shrugged at Rachel's stunned look. They're stuck where they're at, despite both being at the right time and place emotionally to have their relationship upgrade.

I've come to the conclusion that they need a push, so this is what I propose. Britta and Rachel both leaned closer to Abed, looks of expectation on their faces, even while he sat as still as a painting, hands splayed before him as if he were making a point.

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Rachel watched him for about a minute before turning to Britta. This conversation isn't brought to you by Hawthorne Wipes, for when you absolutely need racially pure hand cleanser. Abed blinked and leaned back in the booth, his arms folded across his chest and a look of dissatisfaction on his face. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. To be read in the style of George Takei Hello, welcome to Community: When last we left our intrepid band of misfits, Subway had been vanquished by Jeff's Power of Love, Abed's asteroid almost wiped out existence, and it was discovered Yahoo!

Abed wasn't a computer.

Community Finale: Dan Harmon on Jeff and Annie, Movie Possibilities, and Profanity

Honestly, it was more a 'best friends with benefits' situation than anything. Annie has a brother? Exploration of American Romanticism 2. Principals of Chiropteran Reasoning 3. Dual Cardiovascular Public Speaking 5. Circus Management and Acquisitions 7. Fundamentals of Falafel Equity 8. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. So she has sown her oats and still needs to grow up, just like Jeff does. In the original idea, there were three characters — Abed, Annie and Troy — who represented the younger stories you might encounter at a community college.

Those are stories about transitions. Other stories can be about falls from grace. They were wayward youth.

Secrets and Romance , a community fanfic | FanFiction

On the off chance that it's the last image of the show that we ever see, I felt more comfortable with the image of Abed and Annie going off to an airport, where they might go anywhere or do anything. It made me feel better about the eternity of the show. Let's talk about the Annie and Winger relationship and that kiss. There's still a big age gap between the two, but on an emotional scale they're on the same level. Yeah, with each passing year it gets a little less creepy. I did just marry a 29 year old at And in real life, Allison Brie is I just wanted her to read that and freak out.

I have no idea how old Allison is.

Age aside, it's more an issue of how much life experience you have had. Do we really believe in our heart of hearts that the current version of Jeff Winger and the current version of Annie Edison would be happily ever after if they ever got together? Or is it more likely their souls are intermingled and there is such a thing as true love that is genuinely star crossed? This person hasn't lived their life yet. I'm comfortable with the realization that he's genuinely in love with her, but that's a separate thing from whether that's actually good for her. This episode has the feel of a series finale, but you had to leave the door open in the event of a seventh season or a movie.

Are you leaning toward the movie option? We've exploded into these successful shrapnel.