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The fact is, there is no one Triangle schematic or one Ram's Head schematic that EHX followed, nor was there one sound for each.

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There were dozens of circuit variants. The basic circuit pathways are all the same, but the components in that circuit capacitors, resistors, diodes, and transistors each have different electronic values and properties. The selection of those set values make up the schematic used, and thus the sound. EHX often bought electronic parts cheaply and in bulk. They would make thousands of pedals using the on-hand stock of certain sets of values. When replenishing stock, they often bought the least expensive parts of similar values, but rarely the exact same sets of values.

The schematic would then be modified to best work using the newly available parts stock, and thousands of pedals would be made using that circuit variant. The circuit was very forgiving of these changes, but each variant did sound different.

Some more so than others, but overall there are really only about four or five variants that sound distinctly different from each other. By the time the V6 Big Muff had come along in the late 's, the circuit had become consistent and standardized, but varying part tolerances meant that even those had some minor difference in sound from unit to unit. The V7 and V8 Russian Big Muff circuits were very consistent, with only three slightly different circuit variants used.

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However, when comparing examples using the same circuit variant, part tolerances made those sound slightly different from each other as well. The current V9 Big Muff has gone through several circuit revisions, as have the other modern Big Muffs.

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One person's favorite Big Muff may sound like garbage to another person. Depending on the circuit component values, there is a wide range of possible tones. V1, V2, and V3 run the gamut of different possible sounds due to the numerous circuit variants.

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  • Click the link below for a summary of the different Big Muff versions. Pristine Big Muff tones sound best through clean amps with lots of head room, but certain Muffs can also sound great in combination with small amps or amps with natural breakup. Another tonal exploration is to stack an overdrive pedal before or after the Big Muff, to create blended tones. In reality, there is not really a single Triangle circuit or single Ram's Head Circuit, as explained above.

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    There were dozens of variants for each, and they both spanned the same wide range of possible sounds, because they both spanned the same wide range of possible clipping, feedback, and tone stack filter combinations. Most of the opinions I have heard, stating a Triangle Big Muff sounds like this , or a Ram's Head Big muff sounds like that , come from people who have only heard one or two examples of real vintage Big Muffs, or more likely, people who have only ever heard clones made from one or two specific circuit tracings.

    In reality, you could have a specific V1 variant from that exaclty matches the sound of a specific V2 made in or because the component values happen to be similar. You could also take a V1 made one year and compare it to a V1 made a year later and find they sound very different because they were each made with a different circuit variant.

    That is the reason so many sound different from each other, but it has little to do with when they were made.

    The variety of Big Muff tones all amount to subtle changes in the component values that make one variant circuit sound different from another. You will find similar variations among other vintage pedals, such as the original Sola Sound Tone Benders or the Fuzz Face, though none as wide ranging in circuit variations as the Big Muff. Trying to pin down what makes one version sound different from another is tricky. I have tried to compare multiple examples of the different versions and specific circuit variants to get an accurate picture.

    A detailed explanation of the different versions and tonal differences can be found here.

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