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Little about Moo Young.

'Dating Alone' to come to an end after 3 months

When Moo Young asked Jin Kang to stay and have cake with him. The way he looked at his hand. I believe that Moo Young is afraid because he did ask Jin Kang what is worse "person who has feelings but is unaware of them" or a "person who doesn't have feelings". In Moo Young case he turns to be the former and of course it terrifies him. I think those feelings that he holds deep down and were hidden are surfacing from the deep and he doesn't know what to do with them.

Personally I don't know what to label them as, which is what it makes so interesting to see them interact with one another. At times they feel like "siblings" or even "friends" but I have feeling that Moo Young does care for her more than he did for Seung Ah. If anything his care for Yu Ri falls in between the lines of a "brother" and "caretaker" relationship. Maybe he's both I don't know.

Seriously I have no idea where the "menu" word came from just ignore that one. I'm not presenting any dishes here. MY himself likens his relationship with Yuri to that of an owner with his pet. But I also think that it actually goes a little deeper than that even if he doesn't realise it.


I also think we don't need to label their relationship because it is unique in its own way. I'm actually quite interested in how Yuri thinks of their relationship. In an earlier episode she protested every time someone told her she has a crush on MY. At that time I also thought that she 'doth protested too much'.

But now I kinda believe her. Maybe he is like a safety blanket to her - one that she fears loosing.


He did stop her from comitting suicide and by extrapolation from trying so again well until she thought he was angry with her and when she is in trouble he is the first person she turns to. He may very well be the only person she feels she can trust and so far he hasn't let her down. It's actually a really complex and fascinating relationship. In my opinion maybe an even more complex relationship than MY and JK have. I tend to think similar thoughts about Moo Young's feelings or emotions, that he does have them, but doesn't like for them to surface. I think he has taught himself to be "numb" to his feelings so that he can survive without so much pain.

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If he is numb to his feelings, he is less vulnerable to other people controlling him. If he is numb to what people do to him like getting fired, for instance it takes away the power of the person who set out to cause him pain. Being beaten caused physical pain and Moo Young seems more susceptible to physical pain than to emotional pain. Moo Young does seem to have a powerful obsession to control other people though, and will do whatever it takes to gain that control. The way I interpreted that cake scene was: MY was talking about himself not having feelings because that's what JK accused him of and JK being unaware she has feelings for MY because it is patently obviously to everyone except her that she does.

I wonder if MY sees a bit of himself in YR. Their childhoods are messed up and both of them were that shrink's subjects so there might be more similarities than we can see or have been allowed to see.

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Moo Young is afraid because he did ask Jin Kang what is worse "person who has feelings but is unaware of them" or a "person who doesn't have feelings". I am sorry, but i think you got it wrong in this. In eps7, Jin Kang complaint how bad MY was playing with Seung Ah feeling when he just didn't have any, and MY confronted her for not realizing her own feeling. MY does like Jing Kang, as he told it bluntly over and over.

He was teasing her in the day Seung Ah formally introduce him to her, he was curious when Jin Kang on the phone with Seung Ah, he kept watching her on the day he date Seung Ah for the last time, and knowing the fact the fact that he did meet her a long time ago. I don't think that Moo Young has big plans, it's more like he's seing a situation and he plays with it. In the Seung Ah case, he saw a rich girl dating a jerk and he "saved" her from the jerk, had fun with her and in mean time he pissed off the rich jerk. Now that Yoo Ri wants to tell the truth, he needs to run away and Seung Ah is perfect for that.

He can take his revenche from the beatings too. It's a win-win situation. But I can't see him leave Ji Kang behind, so what he is thinking? Moo Young really loves to provoke Ji Kook. He always shows him his worst side or says things and watch Ji Kook struggling. I don't really think Moo Young was planning on running off with Seung Ah, at least not for anything more than very temporarily. I think he was just "taking things wherever they happen to go" and continuing to play his game with the rich ex boyfriend as he had provoked him beyond his tolerance. I don't really think Moo Young is particularly resistant to the possibility of being arrested enough to run off to Greece as he may consider arrest an unwelcome but necessary part of the game from time to time.

But I have noticed that the translations sometimes change depending on who is translating and even just a word or two of difference can make a huge impact on our understanding those of us who do not speak Korean. He totally wasn't running away. In fact, he set up the sequence of events like a master. He knew he was putting his life on the line and he just didn't care which is perhaps even more frightening than anything else.

He provokes Woo Sang before Seung Ah gets there, going so far as to say that he needs to continue dating her, egging on the rich chaebol because he knew the man's ego would cause him to act out. When he sees Woo Sang following, he tells Seung Ah to make sure he doesn't catch her even though the probability of an accident is high in those circumstances. So I don't think he is just going along with the situation.

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Initially yes, but this is all very calculated. MY is sly and dangerous but whether he is evil I don't think he presents himself as anything other than what he is. Woo-kang was not MY target in the beginning, not until woo-kang messed up with him. Yea, like zzthorn and nafiza I also think he had no intention to run. He wanted to use SeungAh to hurt WooSang. So he went to the precinct to check.

Like when he tells SeungAh that his coworker is a struggling student to trigger her sympathetic nature, turns out not true but he somehow played along with MooYoung. I think jin kang guest starred in this episode. Patiently waiting for the next recap to write down my thoughts about this week episodes. Gonna wait patiently for the next recap to share my thoughts. But before that, I need to say this. I think mooyoung intentionally walked like that in front of seung ah.

He knew despite the cold attitude that seung ah was showing, she still care about him. That's very cruel of him, using and manipulating the girl to the very end. Especially the first half, when I seriously thought her character was a support cast. Hopefully we could see more JinKang presence in the second half. WooSang was also acquiring Arts, so messing with him would cost him his job. It was apparent the gossip of SeungAh interested him. He was truthful when he told WooSang he felt it would be easy after seeing him.


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Everything else he said at the event was just meant to piss off WS, enough to make him make him act irrationally. If he finds something fun and plays with it — like that cat. We were writing similar things at the same time.

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I also never felt MY had such big plans for them, he just starts the games and reacts as seems more amusing to him at the time. MY is more like 'live in moment' type of person and only take his game whenever some opportunity come to him. Some people ask how could he have possibly think of such a plan to kill WooSang? He knows bad things will happen if he enraged WooSang with SeungAh. Maybe he likes to test people and sabotage their relationships because he is envious of their capacity to have feelings for one another?

I think so too. Once he started feeling it through JinKang, he got confused. He likes to manipulate people and observe their reactions. I think he's fascinated by their reactions to situations. He deliberately starts an act that forces the actors in his little game to react to the act.