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Try and talk your work schedule over with your date and see if you both can synchronize some of your time to go out together.

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Get creative Singles working night shifts often complain that they are stumped for date ideas; but this need not be so. You can do most of the things that other couples do on date nights except perhaps for things like music concerts and partying at nightclubs. In fact there are certain date ideas which are possible only during the daytime, for instance browsing through museums and art galleries for culture lovers or visiting a nature park or the zoo for the outdoor couple. Even if you wish for a romantic date, a night under the stars is not the only option — you can just as easily have a date at the beach or on top of a hill and then hold hands with your date as you watch the sun sink down the horizon.

Follow a healthy lifestyle Since working night shifts mean forcing changes in your biological clock, ensure that you take extra care of your body by following a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious home-cooked meals as far as possible and work out on a regular basis. Avoid gulping alcoholic drinks as you return home, no matter how exhausted you feel, since this will only increase your lethargy and leave you yawning if you have a date for the evening. Get adequate amount of sleep since no amount of energy drinks and caffeine can compensate for the rest that your body needs. Since you are not going out each evening for a date, you can try and balance the demands of your work and health on a reasonable basis.

If at all, you find it impossible to date with your night shifts, you can talk to your boss to see if you can get a daytime work schedule or even explore the possibility of getting another job. Skip to main content.

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I'm 23 and I really want to date. Is the obvious answer to find a new job? I like my current job I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. Originally Posted by Jame You can start a profile on POF or some other dating site stating that you work a certain shift and would like to meet someone in the same boat. Maybe join a meet up group in your area.

Either find another night shifter, another job, or be willing to be a little tired.

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Can't have it all I'm afraid. I've been doing 7pm-7am for years and yes it's a pain for dating. However if the other person is worth it I'll cut my sleep short a few hours to meet them. You can post how you'd like to meet someone who works a night shift also or is a nightowl and prefers to date someone with an odd schedule. I workout late at night and meet other nightowls like myself. Going to be tough but sure it can be done. If you are serious about finding true love and are in the place where you want to get married then you need to prepare to switch to a more desireable shift so that you can have time to spend with you special guy.

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