Dating yamaha guitars

The early 70's models have a T in front of it, the mid 70's -1 models dropped the T.

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Thank you for your assistance. Last edited by CTGull ; , The label is red.

The truss rod cover is the silver and black one like the second one you posted. Sorry, but I couldn't find that mysterious internal date code, but the date I have is based on the info that Yamaha had up on their old site. In addition to what follows, might I add that this is an amazing sounding guitar. Yamaha FG Serial Number - Made April 08, Back Laminated Jacaranda reputedly Brazilian Rosewood. Laminated Jacaranda reputedly Brazilian Rosewood. I'd love to find one of those! Yea, the 8 digit system is easy and straight forward.

The way it should be. I had done some research on Jacaranda. Technically, it's not even in the same family as rosewood, so it's not rosewood. But it sure looks like BRW!!! I'm not going to be a whole lot of help I'm afraid. As I recall I paid a hundred dollars for it with a cheap clapboard case. A few years ago when I did the saw-off-the-neck-and-make-it-a-bolt-on reset I drilled thru the serial number on the head block. The last three digits are , the rest is obliterated.

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I think I have the serial number written down somewhere but it honestly doesn't matter, it is a cheap guitar that happens to sound pretty good and with the reset is pretty playable. Some day I will sell it, hopefully to someone who is more interested in a getting a good cheap guitar that its pedigree. CT, from time to time Yamies come across my work bench, I'll try to get whatever info I can. The most important thing is the internal date code. Someone working on guitars would have the most opportunity to find that since you kind of have to remove the strings to do it.

Unless you have a USB endoscope camera like I found.


Do you know of any other sources where I could possibly find this info?? I could try contacting people selling guitars on Reverb and eBay but I'm sure I'd get a lot of rejections and it would take a ton of time. Originally posted by Freeman Keller View Post. I forgot to tell you, I looked for the date code and couldn't find it - just using a flashlight and mirror and there are some corners that are kind of hard to see into.

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  7. However if its on a side from the neck to the middle of the lower bout I couldn't see it. I was reminded, however, about how lightly this guitar is built which might be part of the secret and the fact that the inside is finished back and sides, probably before the top was put on. As far as trying to get that information, about all I can suggest is periodically posting a request on all the major discussion groups, including repair forums.

    Originally Posted by Yamaha Junkie. I just checked and that wizard doesn't like the serial number on my LS6, either.

    UsedGuitars: Yamaha dating enigma

    Originally Posted by neiby. The serial number wizard on Yamaha's website only works for FG series and is not very helpful. It's based on a very simple formula -- the first digit of the serial number signifies the last digit of the year it was manufactured 9 can be , , , depending on the model number. The next four digits are the month and day. The last three are the number of your guitar produced in that day. However, the L series guitars cannot apply to the formula.

    And I have yet to have a clue how Yamaha dates its L series guitars. Anyway, congratulations on your LJ6. It is a nice one! This blog has the number codes for guitars built since Thanks for the information, this is very helpful. It's hard for me to understand why Yamaha adopts such a riddle-like serial number system.


    Originally Posted by jedistar. Originally Posted by dahuzi. Originally Posted by TBman. I kept getting "invalid serial number" caps on and off.

    Dating a Yamaha FG? - The Acoustic Guitar Forum

    It's no big deal, I like the guitar. It looks brand new, so either its a guitar that was given as a gift and returned or someone bought it and almost never played it. If you have her digits, give her a call. Wine and dine her and she might let you fool around with her and make some beautiful music. All times are GMT