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Hooking Up vs. Dating

However, I have learned over the years that sexual compatibility for me as I have HL is important so the whole 'game' of when to have sex is silly to me. I have had long-term relationships with men who I had sex with on first date and things fizzle or go no where with men that I may have 'waited' to have sex.

I think for people with healthy views on sex e. While I had this view and hoped I weeded out guys who are hypocritical and judgmental, I did go through a phase like you where I was frustrated with those who are looking for 'casual sex only' vs relationship. I even experimented with polyamory to take the heat off of me feeling like I could only focus on one relationship at a time and then feel like shit that I invested in someone who was just looking for casual, even though I enjoyed the sex That also means that they see shame in admitting that they only want casual sex and would associate you with that shame.

But I have had men where mostly because of age difference or personality differences will say 'hey, we're both hot, I like your confidence and that you're sexually liberated so let's have fun'. They may continue dating looking for their future wife, and are honest about it. Sometimes we even talk about their latest lady loves and seek my advice. We would take a break during their 'exclusivity stage', for example. But the point is communication and honesty make these work well.

I have had some of these turn into long-term relationships as well though, as they realize what they thought they wanted wasn't. But it also frees me to not play mental gymnastics with my self worth when it comes to reconciling HL and having fun with sex and somehow it should be correlated with committed relationships.

I realize that relationships can be committed and respectful as two people want to define them. I have fuck buddies who turned into great friends or FWB and are there for me during break ups or to give male perspective.

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We may modify our relationship over the years but it is still a form of committed relationship. Changing that mindset also opened me up to then attracting men that were ok with the age differences and actively seek to have a relationship that wasn't just based on casual sex. The "nothing serious" men are saying that because it sounds better than saying "I just want to hook up when I want, where I want, with who I want". There can be a second chance of a date, just generalizing here but people who want to hookup on the first date are usually just looking for casual sex.

Go to the beach, go for dinner, the possibilities are endless! It took me years, and years of dating late bloomer here to realize I've allowed guys to sweet talk me, say all the right things, make me believe that they really like me, etc only to sleep with them earlier than I would have liked call me old fashion but I'll like to really get to know someone and no that they are actually wanting to see me for the right reasons. I have finally been able to separate dating from Granted this isn't for everyone but it's good enough for me in my ripe old age.

I have been able to separate 2 groups of men from each other The guys that are actual treasure who I think about, want to spend time with, and want to get to know, but then there are guys where I know it's good old no strings attached fun where we make it clear from the very, very beginning. And no, I've never had it where I simply have just jumped into bed with someone when being horny and then end up having legit feelings for them.

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I go through wanting to be alone and not horny at all, to being super horny and wanting men to pursue my sexual fantasies being comfortable to not give a shit if it ends shortly since to me, fantasies are not meant to be regular occurrences in life lol. I waited about 3 months to sleep with someone and we were together just under 2 years.

I was several years older than her and we both have anxiety issues.

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I don't know how broad your scope is, but instead of going where hookup guys are, maybe try a different scene. Try getting to know quiet awkward, respectful guys because one you like will treasure, respect and understand you. Most men have no clue what a women wants, same with women. One major thing that is very subconscious for guys is an attraction to a women who is loyal. All guys want to have sex, for the average looking guy not in a relationship its very hard to get sex compared to the same average looking women. What builds value to me and other guys and makes women more valuable is being hard to get, it signals a loyalty vs what you are doing signals you are easy and maybe not a great partner for a long term relationship but Ill take the fun now.

You want to change yourself into being that girl that guys want to marry and have long term relationships with. I have ghosted and walked away from some amazing looking women when I found out their around town sex history, I went to a large university and you would be surprised how small of a world it is. I just turned 30 as a male, I would not date any girl younger than You change a lot, and you are correct the guys your age are still growing up and dont have shit figured out and if you are in higher education most of the males dont have real jobs or responsibility they are still in Peter pan never land not grown up yet.

Now with that said I do not think girls below 24 should date older guys yet since a lot of older guys will just use them. And one thing you haven't figured out is the difference between a guy interested in you or using you. Dont put so much pressure on yourself, just enjoy your day to date life and go do hobbies and activities with friends.

If you are daily worrying about meeting a guy or something at that young age it will cause anxiety and cause you to revert to sleeping with guys out of fear they wont come back. There's supposed to be an unwritten rule that you need to wait 3 dates, but most women don't wait that long.

If they aren't completely blown away the first date, they will either not return your calls after, or sneak off into the bathroom and leave during the middle of the first date. That's why guys are making moves almost immediately, because if he doesn't show interest right away he'll be stuck in the friend-zone. My response is a bit off topic but I'll chime in based on my experiences and my friends' experiences. For every woman that prefers to wait to have sex with a man until they know that they are in it for more than just sex, there's several women who will sleep with a guy right away.

I know there are good guys out there who will have no issues waiting to sleep with a woman they are seeing, but many will move on if you don't "put out" hate sounding like a teenager. You will be seen as prude at least I have been seen as one in my experiences. Also a guy who is stuck in the 'friend zone' This whole friend zone thing cracks me up.

Many men complain about that yet they use 'friendship' as a way to butter up a woman and get her to change her mind to date them. When she doesn't, they feel rejected and no longer friends. The guy friend zoned himself there. Otherwise, friendship is not a consolation prize. Some people just don't feel the chemistry and make better friends. As for the women or men who play games like snaking off to bathroom and shit, find better people to date. That's just immaturity at any age.

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Don't put up with that shit. Just like there are people who don't judge others as to when they have sex, there are also people who don't care for games. Moves your hair out of your face and does the little stare. Wipes up the food you spilled on the table while in a conversation. Now this is where it gets really messy and confusing. You have a friend who you hang out with…but also have sex with them. You two are friends and are NOT dating each other; you make plans to go hiking, have dinner or to the movies…and then occasionally have sex when it is convenient. This usually never works and one person usually ends up getting hurt usually the woman. These people believe if they continually have fun, hang with their friend and have great sex… then it can form into something more. Yes, there are the occasional hook-ups or friends who hook up that do evolve into relationships.

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The conversation has been had. You both have an agreement that you are only dating each other. Any past relations are off the table. Make sure you know what you want and what you are capable of and vise-versa. The earlier you try to define something, the quicker it becomes over. Back to the middle aged man and the meter-maid…he ended up asking me for a parking pass and stayed…. This post presents clear idea in support of the new visitors of blogging, that in fact is how to do blogging.

You hit it right on the head.