Dating cancerian woman

Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. As per astrology, Cancerians are known to be super sensitive and emotional beings.

They have great imagination skills, optimistic attitude and a generous nature. But when it comes to dating, they can be a little complicated to understand. They are caring and understanding partners but sometimes, they might act grouchy and adamant for no reason. Here are a few things that would help you to understand this water sign better.

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The first trait that distinguishes Cancerians from people of other zodiac signs is their emotional nature. They tend to overthink about anything and everything and get sentimental at the drop of a hat.

Cancerian Woman Love Advice

If cheated, they prefer to cut off all communication from the world and spend time alone. Cancerians are known for being loyal and loving partners and tend to have high expectations of their significant other. They wear their heart on their sleeves and if their partner fails to live up to their expectations, they turn pesky and argumentative. What is their idea of a perfect date? They have a creative streak and they bring it into the bedroom as well. They will probably give you a sensual massage, whisper a few sweet nothings, light a few candles and then proceed ahead with the deed.

Also, if you are looking for an one-night stand or hook up, Cancerians might not be the right people to approach. However, they also have a few drawbacks. They tend to have frequent mood swings, which may leave their partner confused sometimes, irritated because of their erratic behaviour. Ruled by the moon, they often undergo emotional ups and downs.

To find the perfect match, you must look for someone who shares your passion for family, loyalty, and trust. As you weigh the qualities of a prospective mate, do not settle for what is on the surface. Let's take a look at the signs of the zodiac and see what a Cancer woman may expect from each.

Getting to Know Men by Zodiac Sign

Cancer and Aries make for a very unnatural match. To you he will seem very impatient. In the bedroom he may rush over important details. If you are looking for motivation, look to an Aries man to help you reach success. However, tread carefully when venturing into love with him.

Dating a Cancerian? You need to know these things to understand your partner better

Cancer and Taurus are a mellow match. Taurus will make you feel comfortable, but a sense of security is what you really want. You may feel that Taurus does not care enough about you.

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  • Dating a Cancer Woman - When you Fall in Love with a Cancerian Girl.
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  • While he may not be as open with his feelings as you would like, he will show you how much he cares through action. Taurus men believe action speaks louder than words.

    Keep in mind that not everything has to be spoken aloud. Look for a steadfast, long-lasting romance with Taurus. The foundation that you build together will be both satisfying and enjoyable.

    Cancer and Gemini will find that their sense humor is their common bond. While he may not appeal to your need for security, he knows how to make you laugh. Gemini men are very mindful, and they enjoy using their cognitive abilities. If your path happens to cross a Gemini whom you just cannot seem to get off your mind, build a steadfast friendship and let nature take its course.

    Love Advice for Women by Zodiac Sign

    Cancer and Cancer are undoubtedly the most compatible upon first glance. You are both in touch with your sensitive side and value the people around you. Be aware that your Cancer man is very much in touch with you, but if provoked, he can use this against you. If you are a Cancer woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, this relationship may prove to be too much to handle. Cancer and the Leo man will find that they are very compatible on a physical and emotional level.

    Leo men are larger than life by nature. Accepting Leo's nature will be your main challenge.

    HOW TO ATTRACT A CANCER WOMAN - Hannah's Elsewhere

    Leo men are very passionate and attentive lovers, which will appeal to your need for being loved and cared for. You are both loyal, generous, family oriented and romantic. If you can support Leo's need to be in the spotlight, you will find a steadfast compassionate mate. Cancer and the Virgo man will find that they have a shared depth.

    This is a woman that can be extremely passionate when she is in love and finds her love returned. She will be one of the least likely women of the zodiac to ever decide to leave a partner she finds true sexual intimacy with. She has the need to protect people she loves and this can be a bit overexaggerated and strange when you look at her as a gentle being. Just in case, as if maybe their partner cannot protect themselves. A Cancer woman is trustworthy until scared or deeply hurt. She will not betray her partner in a typical way and will do anything to hold on to her family and her peace at home.

    If she does something to endanger it, she will probably lie.

    Dating a Cancer Woman - When you Fall in Love with a Cancerian Girl | Futurescopes

    Basically, if her partner wants a stable home, one will be provided, but no one is to know the sacrifices needed to get there or the possible obstacles this woman has overcome in order to find peace in this union. This is a woman easy to date. She will like to go to places that are intimate and romantic, with no loud noises or food that is too spicy. She likes the crowd, but will like it more if the crowd is made out of people she knows.

    Although she is not social in a typical way and eloquent as some other signs, she will have a couple of understanding friends and be quite popular among the emotional people in her life. It is best for her partner to surprise her with common sense, wideness of views and education.